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Welcome to current version of the Leading Edge International Research Group website, which has had quite a varied history and evolution over the years since it began in 1998. Since 1977, we have conducted explorations and analyses of experiential reality at various levels and published books (primarily the Matrix book series, which began with us in 1987) and the Leading Edge International Research Journal (150 months) which detailed ongoing findings. The production of various books began in 1988 with "The Matrix: Understanding Planetary Power Structures", followed by other volumes over the years that were the result of the examination of various major experiential dynamics in civilization, taking into consideration what had been discovered previously. From 1988 to 1998, all of our research was consolidated into these books and publications, which were available to researchers worldwide. From 1999 on, there was a focus on the nature of higher reality, which yielded the Matrix 5 series, beginning with "The Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier", through the use of out-of-body experience and exploration on advanced levels of reality. After 22 years, we stopped publishing books in 2011, and our focus then turned exclusively to managing the Leading Edge Research Journal Online (below) which began in 2006 as a conceptually expanded online reincarnation of the LE Research Journal, as well as the continued exploration of higher dynamics of the context of our existence with the Matrix V material. We also simplified this main page for the site.

Leading Edge International Research Journal Online

If you have a PC, MS/MAC (or Android with Opera Mini android browser), this is the ultimate way  to stay informed about what is happening. If you're a polymath, you will really appreciate the span of ongoing information. For more than a decade, The LE Journal Online has been the best evaluative tool available for the astute 'observer', one who is a non-participant in events but takes notes and evaluates, who wishes to look much deeper at developing events and situations in order to see the roots of ongoing issues and dynamics.  Articles are viewable through the Printfriendly® proxy, which largely eliminates ads, cookies and unnecessary bells and whistles, and has options to enlarge text size for those who need  help reading, as well as printing, creating a PDF or emailing the article, making the experience safer and the time more productive. Extensive archives provide the opportunity for subscribers to do deeper research. 

•Typically more than 1200+ news articles, videos and other items from 168 sources are reviewed as a total package, daily, allowing the selection and, after analysis and relational aggregation, presentation of the most informative, relevant ongoing distillation which reflects significant changes in 18 different categories (see left, below) which encompass all the changing dynamics on and off the planet. Furthermore, it embodies 'relational analysis' of ongoing dynamics which uncovers latent information and info relationships not usually realized. Having a eidetic memory for events and a creative drive to do this makes the website indispensable. We would enjoy your support. Try it - you'll love it. Check out the comments from subscribers below.

General World News and Developments
Astrological Considerations and Analyses
Special Articles, Long Term Dynamics and Overviews
Banking, Finance and Endgame Theatrics
Society, Living and The Economy
Biological Dynamics and Related Matters
Failure to Launch, Systemic Irony, Path Experiences
Social Control and Theatrical Fabrications
The Internet, Surveillance and Society
Changing Dynamics: Earth and Lower Atmosphere
Changing Dynamics: Space and Upper Atmosphere
Real Time Display Of Disasters and Other Events
Environmental Change and Social Control Dynamics
Technological Adventurism, Explorations
Anomalies and Endgame Dynamics
Sociological and Political Control Dynamics
Thought-Provoking Videos, and Entertainment
Water and Food Supply Dynamics
Video Series and Documentaries
Entertainment, Amusements and much more

More Comments:  

"Mobile Applications: I have an Android, and I switched to the Opera Mini android browser, and the Journal is easy to read, as Opera optimizes text within each window for best readability on mobile screen. Opera is said to be a private browsing alternative to Google  products. So far it works great. I found that by installing 'duck duck go' search engine into whatever mobile browser I'm using, the online journal works perfectly, and all the  text is resized for optimal mobile device viewing and scrolling. Also glad to have found a solution that works, and to use more non-tracked, non-Google applications."  1/25/18

"This website is wonderfully overwhelming in the amount of information it provides--like standing in front of 18 different television screens with 18 different awesome shows on at once. I've decided to start working my way through the Matrix 5 material while glancing at the other "screens" for now, because that information is where I have been focusing for a bit, and then start integrating some kind of approach to taking in the rest of the info. Overall, I am beyond satisfied with the site--the astrological considerations are an extra nice touch! I plan to be watching these screens for a long time... thank you again for making this available." 2/14/18

"You sure do a great job - your research - the site's perpetual improvement - the pics and videos. I enjoy it very much, I like the diversity of subjects from financial to humor (almost the same sometimes), from space to underground-sea, etc. Thank you for your creativity and your funny notes and comments!" 

"I have logged in and had a look around, the content is impressive ... treasure hidden in all corners." 

"Thanks again for all your hard work and of course your comments, which often make me giggle (which is very much needed these days) I go onto the journal website a few times a day/night and look forward to it greatly. Its very miserable here in the UK, not just weather wise but 'people wise' - I shall be so glad when I'm out of here."

"Just want to let u know that it isn't said enough, nor do you seek it, BUT; nice job on the web site. Its really great how fast you can target a topic! The expansions are great. Its one stop shopping on issues and trends! So thanks, for the work u put in on this."

"Thanks for providing and allowing access to exciting and truly educational information."

"I've wanted to sign up for the online LEIRG for while, so I was quick to take advantage of this current "open enrollment" period. I'm very familiar with your work, as I picked up the Matrix series years ago. The caliber of your research is impressive and I've always found your analyses timely, educational (but sometimes shocking), inspirational and fascinating ..."   

"It's incredible, Val. I was amazed at the quantity of information on the site and I love how it's very well organized. I just finished reading about half of the advanced Matrix 5 material near the bottom of the website, and now I'm just about to begin simultaneously reading the Matrix 5 Volume 4 & 5 editions. I greatly look forward to continuing to learn from the massive amount of information on the site."   

"Thank you for all you do! I really appreciate the effort you put into the site and the content available."

"Wow! Thank you so much Val. I know you must put alot of time and energy into the journal and I really appreciate this. It is my first item of the day to see what's going on around the planet. Although, some days I am disappointed I "wake up" in the physical at all however, your sense of humor does help lighten the load along with witty insight."

"I have been following your work/LEIRG since the 90's and appreciate all your hard work and commitment in sharing information and helping me to grasp the wider picture of my/our time here."

" What else can I say, Leading Edge is a masterpiece of work that helps me navigate in a very ' interesting world'. My eyes are rolling so much that I must be extra vigilant while I'm driving."

"So much happening so fast it makes you go out of your mind. Your site is really helpful on condensing current observations with little searching needed. So thanks for your efforts in all you do it is appreciated!" 

"I have just subscribed to your on-line journal and I must say, it is mighty impressive, comprehensive and VAST, so much information, you're right.... it is the best on the web. Thank you so much for all your effort, this must be a 'full-time' project for you, I will spend many hours here...... well worth the money. I especially like your 'side/notes/comments ;-)" 

"Thank you for your continuing work in bringing the best to your readership. You do a fantastic and very useful job."

"Your work is invaluable to me and it helps me keep track of unfolding events in Endgame. On a side note, the website is fabulous on an iPad, really easier to read than on my laptop."

 "I've really enjoyed the content on the site lately. Its always been good, but it seems even better. I've taken more of an interest in world affairs, especially since the election, and now the changing of the guard. Thanks for the time and effort you put in, the journal is definitely my favorite website. I will continue to subscribe as long as the rock still spins and we're all here. With any degree of luck, check out time isn't that far off."   

"Spending time on the Journal everyday is the highlight of my day. Once again thank you very much for your dedication regarding your website. Words cannot express how much I really feel about all the time and hard work in giving your members such balanced info.." 

 "We especially want to tell you how much we very much appreciate all your hard work for the site, and its content, which is really crucial during endgame. Its amazing, the diversity of all the stuff you come up with, so THANKS! Your site is the 1st thing we look at in the morning over coffee, its fun to discuss, and watch the cool videos." 

"At first sight....it is an overwhelming amount of info, I am going to stay all night just to get the basics of it... :-)"

"I just wanted to pass along my gratitude to you for the website and the books.  Without doubt, it's the very best website I have ever had the privilege to use. Thank you for making this website available.  Endgame? Bring it on! ... with a side of tacos."

"Wow! An overwhelming volume of superior quality material, including so many very absorbing videos and documentaries, and so much else that I have not even begun to explore. Pretty damn good for 50 cents a day!"

"Every time I visit LE Online, I feel like I am opening a present."

"Your site is assuredly singular, invaluable, and illimitable within its superiority to others which attempt a similar panoramic multi-system surveillance perspective."

"Val, thanks for all your hard work and for all of your insights into this plot. It has been an interesting journey here and you have been a great part of that."

"Val, you alone put to shame the multimillion dollar budget corporate news. Your work shows what a very advanced incarnation can do when really spirit-oriented: illustrious achievements. Your site continues to provide consistent and reliable information and, very importantly, helps to keep the focus in these difficult times."  

"I really have been enjoying your web site. Things seem to be getting more hectic every day. I'm glad that I have had time to read, think and understand what is going on. Who said being unemployed is a bad thing? Much of the information on your site has made a great observer out of me and has made it much more fun to agitate. Luckily I have always had a good sense of humor, because people are so damn funny. Keep up the great work." 

“Your website is one really awesome creation. This is mind-boggling stuff”

"Great site!! Thank you for all you do, it is a real service to me and is what's needed in these volatile times."

"I have never seen a site with this much information from all over the world. I think you've done a top notch job Val, really. Although it was my first time I saw info on topics I never found before and as I get used to browsing around it'll be my morning coffee site of choice. And I will talk to a couple people about what you offer after I can get the bigger picture and send them your way. Really great work."

"Thank you for your hard work, consistency and patience to keep us informed."

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for the effort you put into this service; it definitely cuts down on the amount of time I spend to get my news and I have to confess that I am better informed than I was previous to reading the online journal. The best part, of course, are your comments! It's nice to have your advanced perspective."

"I have started browsing the online journal and just wanted to thank you for all the work you've put into the site and also especially for making the Matrix V materials available, which have greatly assisted me in my perspective and experience in this incarnation. I had been reluctant to subscribe before because of the cost, but now I see that it is more than worth it for the amount of information provided. I would also like to take you up on your offer for the free astrological report, which is not a subject I have studied in much depth, but I look forward to delving into it deeper and seeing what insights it may provide for me. Thanks again and I look forward to exploring all that your site has to offer."  

"Thank you for all the extraordinary and superb work! Your work in keeping up the website is very much appreciated. The site is just a goldmine of information, either directly or through its links."

The LEIRJ just keeps getting better and better, now that I've found another job until the crash it is real easy to catch up on the latest, scanning through the journal. The information is easy to find and the dates are highlighted as to remember the last visit. To me, it's worth more than it costs. You do an excellent job finding the best data related to EndGame."

"Val.. Without your Leading Edge site, i would be still grasping around for answers to the conundrum of what this world is about. Now it is clear as a bell on many levels"  

"I personally feel you are still doing an outstanding job, given the milieu and stasis of concurrent 'events' and their relative myriad sourced and perspective journalistic "offal" that are at your disposal....I am in utter awe of all of your work....Logging into the Leading Edge Research Online Journal is, admittedly, one of the few things I look forward to each awakening 'day' "  

"I greatly appreciate all the effort you put into Leading Edge Online. Just like the whole Matrix series it is such a standout aggregation of information, insight and enlightenment. A particularly useful aspect is how the subject matters are titled and structured. No where else across the internet do you see such balanced insight"  

"The website is awesome; the epitome of diligent, and thorough research."

"Your website is my front row seat. Really appreciate all you do. Awaiting the finale!"  

"I have enjoyed the your fantastic journal daily. I consider it my go to site for necessary important information about what is truly going on in the world and what and who is really behind it all, and the complete picture. End game seems to be getting stranger and more interesting by the day. I must stay upon things as they unfold. Thank you for keeping me truly informed. I appreciate it immensely.  

"I'm just speechless about the huge quantity of hot topics and high quality sources you are offering and (renewing on a daily basis). The day would need to have 48 hours for me to sort out and digest all the jewels you have to offer. I didn't expect this huge library, I thought the Online Journal would be kind of like a news-summary like the 100 pages of the old printed Journals you once published (from which I bought most of it). Anyway, big surprise to me."

"I frequent many pages on the web but the Leading Edge Journal leaves my usual "go to" sites in the dust."

“It's like I’ve hit the accelerator button on information. It's nice to see the many different sides to what's going on at the present time. Also the astrological considerations are a great read."

You're doing a sterling job plucking "readable material out of the morass that is going on". In the last 4/5 years it's been getting increasingly difficult to find anything remotely readable, never mind truly interesting. The information gatekeepers are working overtime!" 


• In addition, we present in the Leading Edge Research Journal Online a summary of existential perspectives with reference to the Endgame period and a larger contextual perspective, so that situations, news stories and events can be viewed from the most accurate and expansive perspective possible, making things understandable in ways you may have never imagined before.  Try it. You'll like it. It's the best one-stop shop where you can discover your own nature, the nature of reality and keep tabs on what's happening, because its nice to know who you really are and the actual context of your existence, since Western Civilization, like 28 civilizations before it, is collapsing, and everyone will be moving on soon, well within a few decades. The Matrix 5 project goes into detail about what else happens.

• The Matrix 5 material (2000-2017) (see below on this page) goes into detail about the actual context of our existence here, and many relevent details from that project (1998-2017) are discussed on the site. Of course, when you know who you really are and what the real context of your presence here is, there is really only one way to look at things. You can become detached from specific outcomes in world events and still know precisely what is going on. Author Robert Monroe had something interesting to say about a reasonable way to view what is happening now, in one of his books: "... Get through (over) being angry at how the system on Earth works - the seeming inequities, the unfair advantages, the brutalities, the callousness, the deceit. It's a predator world by design -- and it's a superb teaching environment " - "Remember that your ultimate goal is NOT "physical survival". Thus, while it is valid that you are here to do certain things, and there are functions you must perform to do them, you don't need to be desperate about it. Accidents may happen, but you cannot lose; you have had the experience ..." - "Maintain your transient status. You are here, being 'human', at your own option in the strictest sense. --Robert Monroe, Ultimate Journey, p.89-90

See Examples of Article Convention and Style as seen on the website.

Obviously, all websites rely on existential factors which statistically are bound to change at any point in the future, like the status of the internet, the computer equipment which creates and maintains everything, and the continued existence here of specific individuals.

In the US, send subscriptions in by PRIORITY MAIL to make it trackable. We will add 14 days more time to your subscription. The postal system is sometimes dicey for letter mail, and a tracking number makes the difference - it gets here in 3 or 4 days.

Order Form (Current, PDF) For 50 cents/day you have an executive summary about what important dynamics are going on in the 18 categories to the left. Subscribe for $45/3mo or multiples thereof. See order form. If you don't have a printer, make sure all the personal info on the order form is copied to a piece of paper.   It's a bargain for what you get, and you remain one of the most informed people on the planet. If you have a relevant question that is NOT answered on this page, you may send an email. Once and a while we get  questions from people who refuse to read or process what it says on this page or on the order form or what is written above, so it has be said that we don't have 'leftover books to sell' and there are no variations accepted to that which is on the order form. Want to know if it's worth the resources and time? See the myriad of COMMENTS below from people who use the website.

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Q: "I have just a question: when I downloaded Google Chrome and use your site, the message comes up under the bar with your address: “not secure” . I’ve not seen that before for your site, and wondered if you can comment on this."  A: Only websites that take personal financial information have a need to be 'secure'. This website doesn't have a need to do that. Google has arbitrarily decided for itself that 'all websites' should start with https (which websites that take credit card or personal information of that nature would use) instead of the usual http.  When you log in, put the password in first (ignoring the 'warning'), then put your usename in, and click Login. It's a mild annoyance. Other browsers don't try to force the arbitrary issue.

Comments from people who have written in about the website are detailed below: 

A Few CommentsNot everyone takes time to give feedback, once in a while someone does:


"The information you provide is the best source and of the highest level on earth. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity!" ." 7/03/24

"I get excited at LEIRG every night, and on weekends when I can read/listen and catch up on stories and videos. You've opened my eyes to so many excellent links and sites, and you give great insight of how stories relate to Matrix V and the Simultaneous/Sequential world we live in. LEIRG helps me feel connected, and I appreciate all you do." 6/12/24

"I want to thank you for all your efforts and writings over the years. It has helped me understand and function on this planet! Many thanks!!! All the research from understanding how we are manipulated by physical substances to psychological operations and how to function in an observer state has increased my awareness.  I honor you for what you do and have done! Thanks." 3/07/24

"Its nice to have someone of like mind in our life's journey!! Your website is awesome, still amazes us all the info you put up." 1/24/24

"Thank you for all your dedication, focus and creative efforts." 12/07/23

"It's good to get back on the LERJO. I spend hours online everyday trying to learn as much as I can, while I can. There are lots of good websites with good information, but usually with a lot of rubbish mixed in with it, so it's easy to get distracted. The LERJO cuts through all the crap and just gives you the best stuff, much more than I could ever find by myself. It's quite overwhelming at first, there's so much stuff on here, you couldn't possibly read all of it. Also, you get access to the invaluable Matrix materials, which you won't find anywhere else. Don't worry about the cost, this is the best site of its kind there is, and if it helps you to access the highest quality information and clarify and enhance your perception of reality, it's well worth it."  09/03/23

"The information in the leading edge international research journal is invaluable. Your hard work , executive summary of reality allows me to plan, stay ahead and make sense of what's happening in our reality. It truly is highly unique. Thank you very much for your work and daily creative efforts." 06/22/23

"Thank you so much for all your hard work . This information and the website is on another level. It sets you free .There is nothing else like it out there" 05/08/23

"Thanks for all you do! Incredible insight into so many topics of life." 02/10/23

"Great service bringing this information to those who are following the state of the world!" 02/07/23

 "Thanks for amazing things on trufax.org that get me through another day! Specifically, Eric Berg, DC, who has some great videos which I watched last night and tonight. My daughter has kidney disease and these were more than reminders to me, they offered new information to me, like the benfortiamine. Very motivating to me to get back on track! I'm more open to suggestions, I would say, and not immediately dismissive of things like I was before. Some kind of growth there!! So thanks for all that! And then Ricky Gervais, so funny, enjoyed him too. My daughter turned 31 and we had a birthday party for her, which we hadn't done in a few years. One moment at a time. Clif High and Suspicious Observers and so many sites with real news. Many thanks for your contributions that keep me going." 01/16/23

"I appreciate your site and the time and effort you put into making it easier to stay on top of all the issues playing out in these crazy times!" 11/22/22

"So appreciative of your trufax site and all the news and videos" 8/31/22

"I am so glad that LEIRG is there every day; the articles and videos are really fantastic and it surprises me all the time." 8/13/22

"I am deeply grateful for LEIRG as a way to keep on top of things and to focus on current events, with maximizing the time I want to spend on all the changes happening. It's perfect for those of us who are Gemini, wanting to know something about everything! " 6/20/22

"I always look at the star rating you give, and I pay particularly close attention to anything you give the recently-created "4 stars". I may know the end of this saga before anyone else I know because of your diligence and open-mindedness. So, thank you again for all your hard work on this project of yours. It is second to none." 5/6/22

"Trufax is my favorite daily site that I appreciate. I really enjoyed the recent "mystery writer" for what he said; some of my questions were answered and I was encouraged with the details. You are doing a wonderful service for all of us who take great value in this connection with you and Leading Edge". 1/6/22

"As I expected, your site is very impressive. I don't think I could ever read more than a fraction of it, but I'll do my best. Thanks Val for all the work you've done over the years, it's much appreciated. 1/6/22

"I appreciate all the effort you put into this site that seems to get better and better. With great appreciation. 1/5/22

"Thank you. I have received the login. I have been scrolling through the site for the last few hours It is all mind blowing." 10/19/21

"The LE website is completely unique on the internet. It has a massive amount of useful information and more than anyone could ever expect. The way it is presented and broken down into categories that maybe at first glance don't seem related, but most definitely are, has a way of giving the conscious reader a resonant glimpse into the way a very advanced individual sees this complex 'reality'. Even if one found all the same news (a Herculean task) and read it, it would not include the overall integral view from a higher perspective in such an elegant way. Val is very busy giving those of us aspiring toward such a view at this time a most wonderful gift. The gift of wisdom if viewed with awareness. Shift your awareness toward your Higher Self and read, view and listen to what is happening on this wondrous site, and somehow the horror of the situation becomes a comprehensible and necessary culmination of our great desire to spiral ever onward and upwards. Instead of being upset, angry or depressed we can see the absolutely unspeakable and glorious vistas spread out before us in all their infinite grandeur. There is no other site like it. Join the celebration!" 9/19/21

"We want to let you know how much we appreciate all the creativity, work and critical information that goes into the LE website. We are long time subscribers, because there is literally nothing else like your website on the internet! Your daily posting of current news stories, videos and related pdf file information obtained from numerous worldwide sources covering a huge variety of interests is truly a "sight" to behold. Its the first thing we look at in the morning over coffee to get caught up on the day's events. There are so many thought-provoking categories on your site. The LE website provides a wide array of subjects and information from alternative websites, with the source links posted, and is an incredible time saver for the person who wants to stay informed." 9/08/21

"I’m very grateful for the M5 project, the LEOJ and your helpful observations. Thank you!" 8/09/21

Please accept our best wishes for the continuation of your life's work. Heartfelt gratitude." 7/19/21

"Besides Leading Edge and Matrix V , I thank you for sorting through all the videos and articles, keeping me a bit saner with what's actually going on." 7/16/21

"Thank you for all you do! There's no element of Reality that you don't cover." 6/27/21

"Wow, the prediction for a really bad EndGame ending was definitely cited many times in the Matrix V books. Now we are in the midst of this, holding on to our hats." 6/25/21

"Thank you for your continued work. Good to know people like you are out there." 6/01/21

"I enjoy all of your articles. Thanks for the true news. I wish you the best." 5/30/21

"Thanks for all the news. I am so glad to have your site available every single day, and glad to be reading from Matrix V material daily, just the best." 5/22/21

"MUCH more material than I realized there would be. Looking forward to digging in even more. Thanks and blessings to you for everything." 5/16/21

"Have had a nice time getting used to your site. Congrats to you too, you've done a fantastic job." 5/11/21

"I am grateful for all that you do to keep us well informed. I have been a reader of your site since I discovered it in the late 90s in my mid-twenties and have purchased some of the LE published research volumes. There are so many people who are ill-informed as to what is going on in these strange times and I am definitely going to keep subscribing for as long as the journal is available. My two favourite segments are the American vagabond and suspicious observers. the astrological segment is also quite eye opening for me, and the other well curated items are always on point." 4/24/21

"I felt special with access to the LERG collection of best articles, no subscription meant there were great gaps in — what the world watched. Recent reading I find names of other good journalists I read." 4/20/21

"Just the best stuff online is from you. Thank you." 4/01/21

"Love reading the astrology written by people who know the Matrix V material. Great to be connected." 1/30/21

"Thank you for all your hard work with bringing important information to the forefront that you have with the online journal." 1/2/21

"Thank goodness for Matrix V and LEIRG. Can't thank you enough for providing all the information and resources that have brought me to where I am now. You have provided a service that has led me to a very different place than I could ever have imagined, tough as it has been at times." 6/24/20

"Thanks for the most truth full information on planet Earth." 6/20/20

"I greatly appreciate access to your comprehensive and penetrating research." 5/19/20

"Having a lot of fun. You weren't kidding about a lot of info on your site. You've done a really good job separating the "wheat from the chaff"." 5/16/20

"The Leading Edge Online Journal has been integral to my ability to chart a course through the chaotic shoals of these penultimate chapter(s) of Endgame. Indubitably, the most spiritually advanced information on the planet. Additionally,some of the the X-22 peripheral, or tangential observations have been very helpful in providing information I probably would not have been aware of otherwise about things going on behind the scenes." 5/4/20

"Thanks for your recent inputs re the pandemic. Those articles are some of the best that I’ve seen so far. Your ongoing trufax.org links are really helping to illuminate the shadows cast by the main stream media. Lately I’ve been trying to make more sense out of the many local articles showing up on the internet. Weird. A lot of articles, local, national, and international are clearly misrepresenting the facts and fearmongering. Meanwhile the powers that be are clearly jockeying to gain strategic gain for the near future. The game continues. Hope I got enough popcorn." 4/6/20

" I've found your material to be uniquely insightful and a welcome respite from CFR-filtered media feeds. I appreciate your focus, diligence and excellence." 4/6/20

"Sure am glad you are still here as Endgame progresses. It would be way more boring without the Journal, thanks." 2/14/20

"Just want you to know we think of you every day, when we read the website. (which you are doing a fantastic job with,and we thoroughly enjoy & appreciate! ) So much great stuff on the website! We really like the vids from RT news & Others, helps keep us current, as we rarely watch mainstream, but once in a while to catch the propaganda." 1/28/20

"Wow, almost 20 years since finding Leading Edge and still the Best site for advanced learning, prepping for the next stage of experience." 1/1/20

"I appreciate the effort you put in to create a single collection of information that helps many of us understand the global dynamics going on and aid with progress on our individuals paths." 12/30/19

"I like the system very much. On a practical level, I find the scrollable topic sections to be an excellent navigational format. Regarding the material itself, the news articles are thoroughly and precisely curated and definitely take me deeper in my realizations of "what's going on". Regarding the M material posted therein...I am starving for this information and read and reread it. I don't reread it for lack of understanding, but rather because each time I do, I glean more personal insight...peeling back the onion, so to speak. Thank you." 11/11/19

"I have been reading your books since around 1992 and my spiritual maturity level definitely was influenced by your books. Without you and the Author this world’s current events would be scary but now I am just an observer. I always trust in my Higher Self." 10/7/19

"We really enjoy & appreciate how much work you put into the website and love all the plethora of stories/ current events you come up with. You make it easy to stay current." 9/26/19

"Thank you Val, for your diligent, exceptional work. You keep us in "the know" like no other." 9/9/19

" ... Sometimes I step back and get an overview of your site and it really is a fascinating vision, like looking through a kaleidoscope gone crazy to an exponential degree. Things really are getting interesting. :o Your site provides the most comprehensive view available anywhere and your time and attention to detail are greatly appreciated!"  7/20/19

"I just want to express my appreciation for all you do. You seem to get better and better. I so enjoyed the recent Bob Lazar interview. What a trio of good thinkers with such insights. I could go on and on about the variety of observations by different thinkers that you make so readily available to us (and your own apropos “Notes”) to assist our understanding of the phenomenal changes going on at the world level, and especially the US. I read “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” and found many parallels with the current US situation. By the way, the article about Trump’s birth chart was also fascinating. Many, many thanks." 6/24/19

"I am so committed to LEIRG and all it has to offer. It is never boring and the sites I really like always have something interesting. Continued learning. You do a fantastic and conscientious job bringing the world to us." 4/08/19

"Thank you for providing this invaluable information and knowledge. I am so grateful for your service." 4/05/19

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  Afterlife - Take Me Inside

Transitional Materials for Those Moving Beyond The Game 

This is essentially what we have discovered, after decades, when all is said and done:


Four Basic Universal Principles
Allowance, Attraction, Intention & Balance

Introductory Primer Based On  Advanced Experiential Knowledge and Observations 
by Val Valerian
'Who' Are You? What is Your Nature? Why Are You Here?
 What is Your Unique Path? What Does It All Really Mean?

The Real Matrix: Above and Beyond

Introduction to Matrix 5: Quest Of The Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier, by Val Valerian

"As you pursue the nature of reality you will find that there are fewer and fewer
 people that you can talk to. And the more you advance, the more you will be tested."

Experience Outside The Physical Body: Toward Our Natural State of Being

The ability and experience of this nature is not something everyone can do, or be successful with
, unless it happens to be part of your existing path and incarnational experience. Everyone has 
incarnations which are involved with this, at one time or another in our experience.

The works of these authors will give you and starting point, if this is part of your path:
Works of Robert Monroe  
  "Journeys Out of the Body", " Far Journeys", " Ultimate Journey" 
Works of William Buhlman  
 "Adventures Beyond the Body: How to Experience Out-of-Body Travel" 
Works of Robert Peterson  
 "Lessons Out of the Body: A Journal of Spiritual Growth and Out-of-Body Travel" , 
and "Out-of-Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect" 
Works of Jurgen Ziewe  
 ""Multidimensional Man: Astral Travel And Life After Death" , 
and "Vistas of Infinity - How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead" 

Consider that among the authors above, only Monroe had an accurate grasp of the context,
although not as much as we know today with the publication of the Matrix V project.

Exploring Larger Realities & Context: The Matrix V Project



The Matrix 5 Project, underway for 17 years, embodied a collection of the most advanced material we have realized after a 28 year period of investigation and research geared toward peeling back the layers of reality, in order to acquire an accurate context relative to our existence and experience -- something that cannot be done on that scale from within the frame of reference, but outside of it. The goal of the Matrix V project was to unleash your individuality and assist you in rediscovering who you really are. It is about providing the keys necessary for those who need them to spiral out and graduate from the Game. The material was always meant for those with very advanced incarnational perspectives which not only take into account the larger reality we live in, but the why and how of it all, based on experiential activities of a very high order over a period of time. By definition it would not be something that most would understand, coming from a strictly cultural perspective. It was written by an Author who underwent 12 years of shamanic training, went to the Monroe Institute, and has achieved a vast amount of very very unique first hand observational experience which far exceeds the norm. He relates the nature of the larger context of reality and the nature of what all individuals (and the planet) are going through at this time. It eventually turned out that the implications of the project far exceeded anything that anyone could ever have imagined. The main thrust and examination of the original Matrix V Trilogy was an examination of the nature of the Higher Self, and incarnational 3rd density experience.  The specific title is: "Information for Very Advanced, Dominant and Final 3rd Density Incarnations". The material is NOT written for the general public, but for those with advanced thought patterns and interests who resonate along those lines. It details understandings about the actual existential context in which all beings exist and have their experiences, and has produced a continuing commentary with an ever-increasing knowledge base resulting from experiential observations, not from non-experiential belief systems, using a time-tested dynamic of exploration (out of body travel) shared by many people who have those abilities. Matrix 5, starting with Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier, is the ultimate self-help material.  If you are a subscriber to Leading Edge Journal Online, you have a special Matrix 5 panel to access material from earlier volumes and basic explanations of elements of the context, to begin with, which is useful because that's the observational perspective of the website. As of August 31, 2017, the entire body of work until July 27, 2017, all volumes, are at the library on Focus 27, available to countless individuals. A summary, with select segments from the first three printed volumes, is on the LE Online Journal and explains the perspective, terms and definitions, and then perhaps what is discussed in the later online volumes will make more sense conceptually.

Email received Aug 21, 2019: "M5 has very big influence in Bulgaria. There are many 'wanna be the Author' writers here, most of them just repeat him and spill bullshit, but some have interesting insights. There're also a lot of translations of M5 in Bulgarian, most of the translations are crappy with twisted meaning (mostly because a lot of translators couldn't grasp M5 properly in my opinion)". Note: That figures, and it's not like it was unexpected ... people copying our work, misconstruing what it says on other websites, selling the copyrighted material on Amazon, etc ... a bunch of darkside thieves and wanna-be gurus pandering to those who don't know any better. So, I removed the material from access outside the Leading Edge International Research Journal Online.

 Since the project is completed, nothing can be done to reverse the impact and ongoing higher level events ... It happens in two phases, we're moving toward the first as we speak. Given the progression and velocity of events, I'd say that sometime before 2100 there's no one here. Everyone (including the individual who managed all life on Earth as the 'nature spirit' (on that path), so there's no necessity or reason to 'save the planet' ) has left, taking their experiences with them, and left their bodies (including the physical planet) behind. By 2200 the surface of the planet has been burned off by an eruption on the Sun (that's what it looks like) and the planet is a dead husk. For others, The Game will continue for some on other worlds until their Higher Self graduates from 3rd density experience and, finally achieving balance, moves into other densities and fantastic experiences. 'Val'

A Few Points To Keep in Mind At This Point:

Remember: "In observer status, you do not move against the Game, but you most definitely can point out the Game's mechanics to other interested observers. Share what you see. Remember, you don't escape by fighting the Game, but by removing yourself from it. Remember what the word 'observer' means - a non-participant in events, but someone who takes note and evaluates." -M5V1

"The focus on external power giveaways is important to the Game. You must give your power away to appease the Game. As long as your power is given away, you cannot discover who you really are."

"Your Higher Self allows freedom of choice here as learning experiences. You won't make a choice that will cancel any experience that your Higher Self requires, but there is plenty of latitude in 'other' experiences. The more Advanced you become is due to how you handled decisions for your incarnation. You WILL, for example, have to experience being BOTH polarities. Without those experiences, you won't appreciate Balance."

"Balance OBSERVES the Game and points out interesting facets of it, but does not call for actions against it." 

"The Law of Allowance says that Light-siders must be free to be what they are, just as are Dark-siders. This is part of the Game. Light-siders do not follow this law and neither do Dark-siders. This is a law with Balance at its root and Balance is what BOTH polarities dislike. There is no right or wrong, just different experience, BUT the best choices are made with greater information, so you are less likely to be suckered in. As with everything else, by the time you reach VERY Advanced stages, things will be made clearer to you. "  

A daily selection of Matrix 5 material is presented below: (A good daily reminder of the reality behind your daily experiences)  



Observations on Static Cultural Reality Models

by Denise Breton and Christopher Largent
Authors of The Paradigm Conspiracy 1988 


The Control Paradigm Posing as a "Philosophy" 

The dumbing down - becoming less than who we are - brings us face to face with one of the control paradigm's most powerful devices for achieving control. The control paradigm presents itself as a "philosophy", as if it's innocently telling us what's what. It even insists that its mechanistic, materialistic, control-measured picture of reality depicts the "real world" and tells us how to be practical in the world of facts and things, dogs eating dogs and sharks eating whatever. The more our reality can be reduced to objects, this "philosophy" tells us, and the less we trouble ourselves with ideas, values and other intangibles, the more we understand the "realities" of the control universe.  Adopting this philosophy as "the most practical way to maximize our personal sphere of control", we don't notice that we're made controllable in the process. To "buy into" the "philosophy" is to become controllable by its "values" of external rewards and suggested into a view of ourselves that is not true to our nature and potential as True Human Beings. But, the control paradigm isn't philosophy. It doesn't encourage free thought or dialogue. It doesn't develop our minds or souls. It doesn't invite inquiry into its core assumptions, strategies, responses and goals. Instead, it functions as a mind-control trance.  The control paradigm comes across as "the one way" to experience reality, and it doesn't make room for alternative perspectives. To do so would go against the control agenda. As a result, the control paradigm in truth has little in common with philosophy and much in common with propaganda and mind control methods - trance inducers.

The Reason Closed Social Systems Don't Work 

Responding to the need for balance in society doesn't work using closed-system thought patterns, because the nature of the game: 

Maintains a toxic order:  First, if the system equilibrium is already toxic, it gets reinforced. Bad "norms" are simply perpetuated, since closed systems "run on automatic". They don't have the power of discernment. They don't evaluate systems in light of personal needs, human evolution or planetary health. Their one mandate is to "preserve the established order", even if that "order" is toxic for the people and planet.  

Puts systems above people: Achieving "social order" through closed-system methods put systems above people - system needs over personal needs. Systems come first. That's the message we hear in social systems, namely, preserving systems is more important than nurturing people. Closed systems say to people, "You are part of us, therefore we own you. Who you are is incidental. You must perform the roles we assign you in the ways we require. We won't allow you to deviate. If you changed, we'd have to change, and that we won't allow. Our 'social order' would collapse". Putting the rigid structure of social systems first costs all of us. People get "chewed up" by systems. The idea of "sacrificing ourselves for the greater good" may be a laudable idea if the greater is good. But, what if it isn't?  

Features Control and Abuse: Closed social systems don't work because they keep order through control - force, punishment, and other power-over methods of enforcement. But, can social harmony be forced? Is top-down control the way to achieve "social order"? Threats and intimidation cannot be the fabric of healthy social systems. They do too much violence to our inner lives, costing us our freedom. How healthy can our social system be if the people are psychological wreaks? When we are deprived of out essential powers as free, creative beings, our social systems reflect our emptiness. When do we get in return for "submission"? Not security. Being one-down in a control hierarchy isn't a secure place. When people get deprived of freedom and security while at the same time they are bound by control systems, they behave like caged animals. Intelligent beings don't do well in cages.  

And ...

The Nature of Reality isn't closed: Another reason closed social systems don't bring social order is that reality itself isn't a closed system. The old scientific belief systems such as closed-entropy energy systems, also used to reinforce closed-system social control patterns, are rapidly becoming transparently false as scientific research has shown over the last few decades. No matter how much closed systems try to control variables and shut out change, reality won't be shut out. We can't make our social units into "islands of no-change", because the greater reality (the context on which our systems depend) is dynamic. 

Paradigm Cloaking Devices - Paradigm Protective Dynamics 

The best way to make our paradigm "armor" invulnerable is to make it invisible. What can't be detected by the population can't be shot down. When invisible, our paradigms avoid the risk of attack. We hide our paradigm's filtering processes under acceptable cloaking devices - and many such covers will do the trick. 

Staying Within A Group 

One way to make paradigm filters invisible is to surround ourselves with people who share our set. We align ourselves with groups who take the same paradigm for granted. Surrounded by people whose filters are familiar, ours blend in. Paradigm filters stay invisible, and we ask "What filters?" and "What paradigm?" Everyone shares the same agenda of keeping the paradigm filters unchanged. When paradigm issues do manage to surface, it's to reinforce how "successful" and "right" the group's paradigm is. The official lines get repeated and the catchphrases echoed. Those who question the paradigm and don't speak its "language" are out.  It is because of this that cliques permeate paradigm-rigid societies, with each group accusing the other of being "cultish". Paradigm dynamics, or dogmatics of each group resemble what goes on in mainline churches, corporations, schools, universities, governments, labor unions and non-profit organizations. The strategy of keeping filters invisible under the cover of a group-shared paradigm turns out not to be considered aberrational behavior, but the "required norm".  When Groups Support Growth - There are groups that support growth and evolution, and group-shared paradigms can be useful if they are exploring these areas involving full potential. Working with people of like mind takes us forward by leaps and bounds. As we work with others in this way, developments emerge greater than any one person could produce. Whether group involvement supports "filter evolution" or "filter fixedness", therefore, is a matter of paradigm development. 

Compartmentalization of Paradigm Filters 

Mechanism: Another way to keep paradigms invisible is to split our lives into compartments and to design paradigm filters for each "box". When we are convinced to split our perceptive world into separate pieces, we protect the paradigm filters we use for each piece. In a fixed area, certain paradigm filters don't apply, and we don't mix them with filters we use for a different box. That way, we never have to ask how it all adds up; it just doesn't, and no one expects it to add up. 

Social Result: Lack of Consistency. We don't ask whether the values we use at work are the values we'd like our children to live at home. If we adhere to one religion or belief, we don't want to hear about the views of another. By putting walls between our filters, we protect our overall filter arrangement. We avoid filter comparisons which would inevitably bring our paradigm out into the open and subject it to revision. Some of the greatest leaps in knowledge and art - cultural paradigms - occurred when two or more societies interacted. Control paradigm isolation of societies prevents these leaps. Box-category thinking, valuable as it is for producing specialized knowledge, prevents this type of exchange. It forbids us even to attempt to integrate our filters with wider contexts - a process which paradigm evolution demands. "There's no overall paradigm", we tell ourselves, which means our cultural paradigm stays "offstage", invisible. 

Openness and Objectivity Issues 

Another way to keep paradigm filters hidden is to "appear to be filter-free", as if "we have no paradigm, no filters, and no covers for them either. For decades, scientists and social engineers hid filters behind claims of objectivity, pretending to be "unbiased observers". Claiming to be "open" and "skeptical", while rigidly adhering to paradigm dynamics, are other ways of hiding paradigms we're not keen to question. Sometimes, claiming to be "open" is used as a strategy to make us appear paradigm-free, which guarantees that neither we nor anyone else has a chance to look at our filters. By appearing to be "big-minded", we keep our paradigm close to the chest and off limits. 

Use of Covers to Block Paradigm Awareness 

If we are to evolve, we need to know what paradigm we're using, so we can change it. Defensive covers block this awareness. How far are people willing to go to protect their paradigm? History shows that people will kill to protect what they "believe" to be the case. Changing paradigms, ways of thinking and perceiving the universe based on new information, can be scary for some people. No wonder the strategies for keeping paradigms in place are more developed than strategies for changing them. 

Use of Social Taboos to Block Paradigm Awareness 

One of the most potent paradigm cloaking devices individuals and societies have is the taboo. A taboo prevents the questions we dare not raise, the things we dare not do, and the ways we dare not think. When members of a society obey taboos, they pretend that aspects of their lives do not exist. Problems are not problems, and obvious sources of trouble remain off-limits for discussion, and people are manipulated into not speaking of them. People let the social system throw walls of silence around them, so the system is not threatened by hearing the truth about what we're experiencing. Most current social systems on the planet are maintained in a status quo state in this way.  

Taboos About Sex - The actual function of the taboo on sexual matters in Western countries, which paradoxically exists at the same time as the maintenance of a strong focus on sexual matters, is to supplement and increase the focus on sexual matters in society. The same principles holds for gender-specific taboos, which also have the function of suppressing different factors relating to wholeness of being and expression. Many of these taboos have the function of introducing the socially complicating factors of "guilt" and "shame", and are also included in some religious paradigms.  

Taboos About Feelings - There is also another taboo which exists that makes feelings off-limits in some social system. People are programming "to be in control" of emotions. Even the words "emotion" and "emotional" are cast in negative connotations, and are often used to discredit a persons viewpoint. In fact, the process of socially programming the factoring-out of emotions is highly convenient for control paradigm systems, because if we cut ourselves off from how we feel under a situation of domination, we tend to "tolerate" it more readily, and we are programmed to disregard the pain when we witness control-system abuse to others. Control system abuse is seen on television 24 hours a day and termed "entertainment", which goes to show how deeply some paradigm elements are buried. Another phenomenon that arises is that the control paradigm feeds people with rationalizations, judgments and the ultimate ultimatum: "Things must be done this way or chaos will follow".  

Science Taboos - Many of the social control taboos in our society have in fact been inherited from science - what's "real" and what is not, what we can "talk about intelligently" and what is considered "superstitious" or "pseudo-science". In general, the rule is this - "if you can measure something, manipulate it, predict its function and then replicate it (control the outcome of experiments on it) - "it's scientific and real; if not, it's imagination or illusion." People are programmed to accept this approach to science because it reinforces the idea of control over the environment. Unfortunately, this strategy reduces the idea of "knowledge" down to a matter of "control". We are led to believe that "knowing something" means being able to "control" it -- which is the control-paradigm epistemology. We are led to grant science this "authority" and we are programmed not to question it, even if it stands in the face of mountains of observed (but not reproducible, and therefore "anecdotal") evidence. 

Science Taboos - The Wider Impact 

Defining knowledge in terms of control raises questions. What kind of "control" does science give us? Control paradigm science inevitably disregards wider contexts, because wider contexts aren't easily "controlled". To "gain control", scientists "eliminate variables" and "constrict the field". In fact, scientists learn early in their programmed training to think in narrowly focused ways and to disregard broader contexts, thus, the most defensible Ph.D. thesis is the most specialized one. A result of this process is that using narrowed control thought processes, we find ourselves faced with wider-context problems. For example, we are stuck with nuclear waste with a half-life of 500,000 years and clouds of acid rain that kill forests. If the same money went into researching new evolutionary technologies, as the impression was given to the public in the early 1970's that it "would be", we wouldn't have the problems we have today. But, a public programmed to think along the same lines has simply ignored this simple idea. 

Science Taboos - Ethics and Values 

A very important point to make is that the taboos that insulate control-science from its impact on society also hide its values. The directions that science and technology take involve decisions based on values - control values. Nonetheless, taboos place science above ethics. In other words, control-science taboos hide its decision-making process and the values that guide them. These values and decisions affect the course of science. The fact that some scientific research gets screened out while other research receives both funding and publication is attributed to "the natural course of scientific development", as if there is no paradigm-based filtering going on. In fact, "there's a whole lot of filtering going on". Various "experts" dominate each field of "inquiry" and also dominate the direction and "limits" of research. They give their "positions" at "conferences", where "reputations" may be "made" or "broken", and they edit the journals. Even more telling is the funding of research by industry. There is an unspoken but real incentive to present projects that support the agenda of work being done in various industries. Combinations of industrial, academic, and political interests influence, and even control, what should otherwise be open scientific research, in many cases research that could potentially save lives. The cancer and AIDS industries are good examples.

Life in a Paradigm Controlled by External Reward Systems

In a paradigm of externals, externals call the shots. Instead of allowing us to be guided from the inside out (a formula for anarchy, the control paradigm claims), the paradigm controls our behavior through rewards and punishments. We come to think and act like Pavlov's dog, salivating over the next bonus, a bigger kennel to call home, a fancier collar to sport, or a top dog position. The paradigm isn't about developing our talents, abilities, or potential; it's about making us controllable by giving or withholding external rewards. To achieve this control, the paradigm grades each "thing" in a hierarchy of externals. The inner life means nothing compared to the outward characteristics indicated by our species, race, gender, age, status, group affiliation, and income. If dogs possessed the wealth of Bill Gates, for instance, they wouldn't suffer in medical experiments, just as people who have money don't work in sweatshops or sell their children into slavery. That's the problem with externals: they're fine until they become the means for enslavement, which unfortunately they do almost immediately. When a paradigm puts external values first, consciousness dimensions are dismissed out of hand. Small wonder that the potentials of our minds and hearts-and all the values that go with them, e.g., meaning, compassion, justice, or wisdom-go undeveloped. A control paradigm has neither use nor place for them.

 Closed Social External Control-Based Paradigms Don't Like Discussing This

Naming paradigms and their power for good or ill isn't a new insight; it's as old as philosophy. It is, however, an overlooked insight in an age that can't seem to shake a materialistic, control-obsessed paradigm-and for good reason. Reflecting on paradigms is the stuff of change, and changing paradigms is the most fundamental and powerful change we can make. To a paradigm of control, that's not welcome. The sum total of our experience contingent on something as invisible and changeable as a philosophy? Change by paradigm shifts, which anyone can make? Powers of perception and creativity that defy rigid material boundaries? Humans as beings of immense powers and abilities? Once you let these cats out of the bag, there's no telling what mindsets and institutions might be made obsolete. Obsolete is precisely what established institutions of power and control don't want to be. They learned from the fate of carriage and buggy whip manufacturers when cars came along. Established interests now make sure that questioning the neanderthal paradigm of burning things for energy triggers "War-of-the-Worlds" panic about destabilizing the world economy. Even the call for improved public transit systems borders on subversive. Stiff challenges face a paradigm shift on the simple level of out-there technology, frozen at a stage that Captain Picard sometimes finds among the more primitive human civilizations he encounters. What challenges might we face if we embark on a far deeper level of questioning-on redrawing the paradigms that sort out who we are and why we're here? Plenty. If the cultural paradigm's purpose is not to honor human potential but rather to make it an obedient servant to existing social structures, then nothing could be more threatening to the established order than a paradigm shift regarding our self-conceptions. We fit into society as it is now only as long as we don't remember that we're more and here for more.

 Examples of Control Paradigm Lack of Interest in Developing Human Potential

The agenda for traditional psychoanalytic therapy, for instance, isn't to develop human potential; it's to keep people functional in established social structures, however miserable their lives may be and however abusive or wrong-headed the social structures. "Well-adjusted" becomes a synonym for mental health. But if someone is well-adjusted to being an SS officer in Nazi concentration camps, is that person mentally healthy? In Fire In The Soul, psychoneuroimmunologist Joan Borysenko writes of this narrow aim of therapy: "Sigmund Freud...believed that when a person was cured of neurosis the best outcome that could be expected was return 'to an ordinary state of unhappiness.'" (New York: Warner, 1993, p. 54) Psychotherapy's official job is mopping up the mess that social systems make of our lives by convincing us that the mess is our fault, our failing, our screwiness. If we don't conform, adjust, fit in, and measure up, something must be wrong with us. And psychotherapy has its truth: we may well be frozen in grief or shock and not functioning at our best, but don't the social systems that shape us deserve equal scrutiny, equal critical analysis? Thankfully many therapists reject this paradigm and venture forth with their clients on the forbidden territory of meaning and human potential as well as of critiquing social structures, but it's no easy task persuading insurance companies to come along. Control institutions pay insurance companies to pay health professionals to keep people in their place, serving the established order.

The Agenda for School Systems in a Control Paradigm

Nor are school systems committed to developing the more that we are. Schools are an arm of social structures, whether religious, governmental, or economic. According to the paradigm-defined needs of those structures, tapping human potential doesn't create enough Dilberts to ensure the "efficient" running of corporate, governmental, religious, and educational hierarchies. In this century, business interests have dictated the structure of schools. Henry Ford quickly noticed that creative genius and intuitive knowing aren't useful on factory lines. So he pioneered the "modern" school system that inculcates values and skills appropriate for 20th century work life: being punctual, obeying orders, enduring hours, weeks, and years of boring, repetitive tasks, not talking while working, not resting, keeping to the schedule at all costs. Our minds become casualties of industrialization.  Our souls end up casualties as well. Trusting our own judgment, thinking for ourselves, adhering to our values, and having confidence in our innate worth don't make us good foot soldiers for my-way-or-the-highway bosses. Only people with low self-esteem are sufficiently insecure to tolerate abusive work environments. Insofar as we believe we don't deserve better, we adjust, becoming the kind of person that's required to "do the job."

Obligingly, school systems produce people with precisely the low self-esteem that's needed for worker "flexibility." Fears of being wrong, of not making the grade are fears confirmed for 90 percent of the population. That's the percentage who are required not to get A's by the bell curve system, guaranteeing that 90 percent of everyone coming out of school believe that they're incapable of excellence. Schools mirror back to students the mass message that "you're just not good enough, but if you do what you're told without question, you may get better and be rewarded." That's a handy message to have installed in the psyches of 90 percent of the population-handy for perpetuating corporate, religious, governmental, and professional tyrannies, that is.  All this modern schooling goes against what we know about the human mind and how we learn-and have known for decades. Studies in learning show that we learn best when we're most relaxed, yet schools maximize stress through fear of failure. Studies show that children learn most easily through cooperative learning, yet schools impose a competitive model. Studies also indicate that students' beliefs about their own learning abilities affect their performance-if they believe they're good learners, they learn easily; if not, learning the simplest things becomes difficult-yet schools systematically undermine students' confidence. In these and many other ways, school systems perform virtual lobotomies on our psyches, producing graduates who've long since lost their joy in learning, who believe they must be right all the time and "know it all" or be condemned to outer darkness, and who experience post-traumatic stress symptoms at the thought of having to learn new things on the job.

On Cultural Non-Commitment to Potential

Alice Miller, a champion of the potential we all possess from birth, pulls no punches in her books-For Your Own Good in particular analyzes the social, cultural agenda of shutting down our potential. As she explains, the traditional rules of child-rearing passed down from generation to generation have nothing to do with developing our potential, either emotionally, intuitively, psychologically, or intellectually. Their one agenda is control: control the child as soon as possible by any means, whether it's by punishment, humiliation, intimidation, beatings, grading, whatever it takes to break the child's will and autonomy.

The justification for this agenda is that children raised any other way won't fit into society when they grow up. According to this cultural paradigm-expressed in the rules of child-rearing-learning to forget who we are and to become what others want and expect us to be is the most important survival skill. Our potential as human beings is irrelevant, a side issue, compared to our ability to conform.
Of course we're supposed to believe that social systems have our best interests at heart and that obeying them is indeed "for our own good." If we conform properly, our potential will develop accordingly. But is this so? As we've seen, schools and therapy-two systems that you'd think would be committed to developing human potential-have no such commitment. In what system or area of the culture might such a commitment exist?

Governments are fully occupied with who has power over whom, who has the biggest budget, where money can be found, who wins which election or vote, etc. Developing the human potential of its citizenry is not a priority. If anything, it's not on the agenda at all. The insider's view that "the masses are asses" is music to ambitious politicians' ears, who then believe it's their manifest destiny to expand their personal power and become benevolent dictators. Dumb masses are easy to manipulate with slogans and half-truths. For their purposes, the less human potential the better.

As much as we value spiritual teachings, we can't say that religious organizations have much commitment to developing human potential either, though granted there are exceptions. Adhering to fixed doctrines, building congregations, raising money, meddling in the personal affairs of members, running down sectarian competitors, and using fear and guilt to exact obedience and tithing keep them busy enough.

Businesses and corporations certainly don't concern themselves with human potential, even though they sometimes pay lip service to it in the hopes of making employees more "productive." The bottom line is the bottom line, and if human potential comes up at all, it's considered a frill or luxury-"warm fuzzy stuff" that doesn't count in the "real world" of business except to mollify disgruntled workers or help them adjust to higher levels of stress.

Scanning the culture, we frankly can't find any system that's consistently committed to exploring human potential. If anything, our social systems regard human potential as an impediment, an annoying feature of human beings that gums up the systems' otherwise efficient workings. If people would just learn their roles and stick to them, everything would work so much better.

If we didn't know the paradigm behind these systems, we may find this lack of interest in human potential odd. Developing human potential seems crucial to keeping human civilizations vital and evolving, up to speed with the challenges that continually arise. Technology per se can't save us, since we're not using the alternative technology we already have to remedy social and environmental ills. What we lack is the the wisdom and foresight, the honesty, the sense of meaning, justice, integrity, and the good to manage human affairs well. These aren't technology issues but paradigm ones. Wisdom and foresight are precisely the potentials that a paradigm geared to domination and control factors out of us. 

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   Logic , Reasoning and Critical Thought   


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"List Of Cognitive Biases"  Printer Friendly Version "A cognitive bias is a pattern of poor judgment, often triggered by a particular situation. Identifying "poor judgment," or more precisely, a "deviation in judgment," requires a standard for comparison, i.e. "good judgment". In scientific investigations of cognitive bias, the source of "good judgment" is that of people outside the situation hypothesized to cause the poor judgment, or, if possible, a set of independently verifiable facts. The existence of most of the particular cognitive biases listed below has been verified empirically in psychology experiments. Cognitive biases, like many behaviors, are influenced by evolution and natural selection pressure. Some are presumably adaptive and beneficial, for example, because they lead to more effective actions in given contexts or enable faster decisions, when faster decisions are of greater value for reproductive success and survival. Others presumably result from a lack of appropriate mental mechanisms, i.e. a general fault in human brain structure, or from the misapplication of a mechanism that is adaptive (beneficial) under different circumstances. Cognitive bias is a general term that is used to describe many distortions in the human mind that are difficult to eliminate and that lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgment, or illogical interpretation. [...]"  Note: Discussed are: 1 Decision-making and behavioral biases. 2 Biases in probability and belief. 3 Social biases 4 Memory errors and biases 5 Common theoretical causes of some cognitive biases 6 Methods for dealing with cognitive biases. All these constitute complex elements of the social environment. Of course, when we on levels of reality where we are telepathic, none of this exists. Language and other factors introduce these factors into experience at this level. Related: "Top 10 Thinking Traps Exposed — How to Foolproof Your Mind" Printer Friendly Version [The Anchoring Trap: Over-Relying on First Thoughts; The Status Quo Trap: Keeping on Keeping On; The Sunk Cost Trap: Protecting Earlier Choices; The Confirmation Trap: Seeing What You Want to See; The Incomplete Information Trap: Review Your Assumptions]   Part 2 Printer Friendly Version [The Conformity Trap: Everybody Else Is Doing It; The Illusion of Control Trap: Shooting in the Dark; The Coincidence Trap: We Suck at Probabilities; The Recall Trap: Not All Memories Are Created Equal; The Superiority Trap: The Average is Above Average.]

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